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The property you own is described in your deed, but only a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed in the State of Maine, is legally allowed to formulate an opinion about where your boundaries are located.

Professional Land Surveyors in Maine are responsible for applying the "legal aspects of land surveying," and modern surveyors must demonstrate knowledge of Boundary Law by passing both Federal and State examinations, prior to being Licensed.

A map of your boundaries is called a "PLAN" or "PLAT." Professional Land Surveyors will normally prepare a plan showing boundary lines and other relevant information, and if the client decides to have the plan published it can be recorded in the County "Registry of Deeds." Often the Deed for a parcel of land will refer to a survey, and it is really best if the survey plan is professionally prepared - especially when selling with a WARRANTY DEED. A retracement survey duplicates an existing survey for a property owner. Over time, some monuments may not be as obvious as when the first survey was prepared, or they may have disappeared.
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